Investors heres a Mobile Home park to look at

DISCLAIMER!!! Im NOT the Owner and Im not officially saying this MHP is for sale im just laying out all the info on this olin north carolina park

HERE goes 17 pad park 15 POH and then theres 2 TOH city water and sewer.
rent is 450 a month lot rent 200 month for the TOH pads,park has dumpster 2000 yearly.

The park is run down sort of theres 5 lots with no homes on the pads and 2 of which have condemned
homes on them that would have to be torn down.Theres a tenant who hasnt paid rent in months and needs to be evicted.

the owners are David and Monica Millsaps and there number is
704-902-9527 The park is ATM not for sale but it wouldnt hurt to
make a cold call and offer them something