Investors for Park in Radcliff, KY

We are currently pursuing investors to purchase newer mobile homes for placement in a turn around park in Radcliff, KY. We have resurfaced roads, repaired water and sewer lines, done landscaping, and rid the park of old or abandoned homes. We have already taken out the majority of homes in the park that did not fit into our game plan, and are now looking for newer model mobile homes with vinyl siding and shingled roofs. The year of the home does not matter as much as the vinyl and shingles. In fact, we have a quote for doing the vinyl and the shingled roof for a very low price. We also have a quote for installation of new skirting at $275.00 with materials at clost to $350. Additionally, we have discussed a discount rate with a transporter, and for example he recently quoted $800.00 to transport a SW over 120 miles (including set-up).The park is located near several (6)retailers that deal with new and repo homes. These retailers would be willing to due a volume discount for an investor. The park has a great location in an area that demands affordable housing. Our company currently owns and operates three mobile home parks in KY and MO and several single family rental units in CA and TN. We would like to provide full service property management to investors that have the capital to purchase homes.

You may contact as at 615-230-9780 and ask to speak with Mrs. Cari Considine. Our fax is 615-206-1941.

Our address is 695 Nashville Pike #322, Gallatin TN 37066.

I have corrected this post to reflect the proper pricing after discussion with the transporter and service tech. The price originally quoted for skirting was $275.00, which the service tech mis-stated. It would actually be $275.00 plus materials. Additionally the transporter stated that he was inaccurate with stating 800 miles, and meant 120 miles. These estimates both seem more reasonable. Please feel free to ask any other questions.

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how in the world are yiou gettng skirting and installation for 275??

4 miles per gallon loaded and 7 miles empty. So a typical round trip is 1600 miles. 1/2 using 200 gallons diesel, 1/2 using110 gallons. So we have 310 gallons diesel at 2.77 per gallon is $857 bucks in diesel fuel ALONE! add another 480 for escort and 700 for driver and my COSTS are 2037 to transport a s/w 800 miles.

We charge $5.00 per loaded mile to transpo, same as FEMA haulers.

How on Earth can you deliver and set a home 800 miles for $800? Did you mean 8,000 bucks? That is within 1000 of our pricing…and a lot more believable…

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I am not a transporter, and the math you have listed here is probably correct. The transporter may have been quoting one way only, or may have decided to cut a deal in order to gain the business. People sometimes take an initial loss in order to secure long term gain, such as moving 100 homes. So he may be trying to “get the deal”. In order to give more accurate info, I will have a discussion with the transporter today, and update this thread with the info I receive.

Good question…I was quoted this price from a local shop that deals with parts and labor. I refer to my previous post, that it may be just a good deal for our company so that the shop can secure our business. I would like to supply accurate details, and as such, I will be contacting the shop today and posting the results of my discussion on this thread.

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I have edited my previous post with the correct information…sounds a bit more reasonable doesn’t it…

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we just skirted a 14 X 70 with average skirting height of 34" for material 298 and labor 150.

The 800 tote and set for a single with 120 miles of travel is still a GREAT price. I live in a Wind Zone II and III area and we need piers every 5’4" and 54" augered shear plates with strapping every 6’. Plus an LSS system…in other words 1400 worth of block, pads, straps and augers under every s/w home. labor is 14-1600 depending on soil we have to drill thru.

Your area is much less stringent, but just to block, level and set a home for this sounds very good. I was not trying to tear apart your numbers but you must beware. There are some real fly by night operators out there.