Investor Questions

Hello, Hoping for some advise. I see alot of investor interest in the bigger park projects, but where does the middle guy get some help.

I am a park manager, several properties, a past Lonnie dealer, and in a great place to make good money, but I can’t seem to find an investor to help me buy units to place in my parks and RTO at 21%+. With the park owner helping its a win-win deal.

My park owner is offering me great incentives to put homes in his parks. I have 20+ rental or buyer calls a week already generated thru an in place advertising program. I could turn every one of those calls into a sale. The housing market here is in dire need of clean, liveable reasonably priced homes.There is a good selection of used homes always for sale in this area.

The only offers that I have gotten so far were from people in the UK? Anyone ever dealt with an overseas company?

Any advise appreciated.