Investment opportunity for experienced park owner

I am looking for a experienced park-owner/operator to work on a partnership basis in acquisition and running of mobile home parks in mid-west areas. I will come up with the capital/down-payment of the purchase. We are looking for a individual park owner and don’t want to invest in syndicated funds. Please PM your contact info to discuss the possible partnership Thanks,

Since I am a successful park owner and can buy parks on my own and be totally responsible for its success or failure WHAT is the incentive to be partnered with you a unknown???

carl , why are you always so negative in your comments. you always seem to want to put others down while patting yourself on your back. in my experience, successful people do not toot their own horns, but people unhappy with their situation do.

Dean, what  exactly is negative???   I was ASKING A SIMPLE QUESTION THAT DESERVES AN answer if we were to participate in such an adventure.     If you carefully read what multiinvestors was saying WHY WHY, WHY, no syndicated funds?    Maybe their is a message in that statement that could be clarified.       By the way your statement what value is your comment to the topic please be nice even if it hurts.     Wishing one and all a Very  Mary Christmas and a fantastic New Year.

Carl, To answer your question the incentive to the experienced operator is he gets to own another park with out putting his own money into the deal by using his expertise to operate another park. Is that good enough or very difficult to understand???

Hi Muvi,I am a 35 year park owner and have owned and operated over twenty parks, I am always looking for new oportunity. I don’t know how to PM on here but would love to hear what you have to offer.

carl … I am not the first to question you attitude. I am amazed you do not see the issue, and I suspect that may be the issue. notice the difference in responses between you and the other two gentlemen who responded. do you see the difference now?

Hey deam take a PM and let it rest, some ignorant fools make a hill out of a flat stretch of road and really enjoy it.      Dean I have been involved for over 40 years from the south to the north in this business and  very successful but I am continuing to learn from this forum.     I was wondering  if Multi- had a bad experience with the syndicators since I was thinking of investing in projects like Frank’s to further diversity since other people’s experiences are VERY HELPFUL.     Personally I gave a question since no one else for how days??? made no comments or questions to the subject above.      This is a valuable  forum  and I hate to think your are some how the high priest that decides what appears to be  civil or not and to castigate those who TRY to have a discussion ON THE TOPIC. 

I am very experienced business person. Would like to buy or put in time to learn if road to partial ownership and  experience available…   Can live where I choose and would also consider partnering or direction in helping me purchase my first park. Have read book but have not been to school yet.

Hi Muvi,

My wife and I have a small real estate company and recently began investing in mobile home parks. We turned around our third park a few months ago and have a fourth under contract. We have partnered on each park with different partners and so far they have all been successful relationships.

I am considering syndication and was researching it today when I found your post. Are you still interested in park investing? Please call or email anytime. Hope all is well.