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I am new to posting on this forum, but I have been reading it for some time. I started investing in multi-units, usually 5 units and up. I also dabbled in SFH doing sub-2, short sales, and rehabs. I recently ordered and read Lonnie

I think the answer to your question is best answered by yourself.

The problem is that moving costs can vary a lot from area to area. Also what do you want the movers to move (just hook on to the home and go, or a full tear down and setup). You may be better off doing the tear down and setup yourself, but check regulations in your area though as some areas require utilities to be done by licensced professionals.

I would suggest getting out the phone book and calling all of the movers in your area and getting a list of prices from them and what they do for that price. Once you have the list ask around as to there reputations from anyone who might now (park managers would be a good source). Once you have decided on a couple of possibles try negotiating them against one another a little (don’t take it to far) and entice them with the prospect of more moves as you progress in the business. If you still are concerned come back and post the prices you got and where you are so hopefully someone in your area can tell you if it is a deal.

One other thing you did not mention is where the home is going? It does not sound like you have a park that you are setup to work in but you need to get this done NOW. You can also try and negotiate with the park for some incentive (ie free lot rent for 3-6 months) for moving a home into the park. You need to be careful with this negotiation though because you must keep in mind that you are building a relationship with the park (ideally).

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Thank you for your response. I greatly appreciate it. I actually started doing what you mentioned about 1 minute after posting the message on this forum. I contacted approximately 6 movers, to get quotes and information, plus I contacted all the parks in my local area to see if there was space available. So far the best price that I have for moving the mobile home was $2000, and that was through a contact that I have with a construction company. They would prep it for moving, move it, and set it up at that price.

And you are absolutely correct about talking to a park to see if there is space available. Like I mentioned above, I contacted all the parks I could find where my potential buyer is interested in living, but I had some difficulty getting through to them. I plan on calling again today, and if that doesn’t work I plan on stopping by to see if I can catch someone in person.

Oh, and the place I am looking to move this mobile home is Binghamton, NY or Vestal, NY in Broome County.

Again thank you for your time in responding to this post. Your information was truly helpful, not only for me, but for others reading as well. I would greatly appreciate any other advise or guidence that you may have to offer. Thank you again.

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I like the enthusiam but just make sure you don’t get the cart before the horse. You need to get out and talk to the park managers face to face first before going much further. In my experience you will not get anywhere talking to them on the phone. You have a great lead in to talking to them (Needing to move the home in) so it shouldn’t be much trouble getting in front of them and finding one you can work with.

Also don’t let your buyer determine the park to much either, consider there choices but this needs to be your choice. You need to find a park that will first off allow you to work in it, and more importantly understands (as some level) the benefits you can bring to the park. Now you may have to explain these benefits (and if you have been lurking here you should be able too), but they shouldn’t fall on deaf ears either.

Just keep in mind this is going to be an integral business relationship for you so make sure it is started out right. In my opinion a good park manager is worth more than anything else in this business.



Apparently you are absolutely right about contacting the park owners over the phone. As I mentioned before I tried a few days ago, then I tried a few times again today with no luck.

And like you mentioned, I am kind of stuck with out the lot to put the mobile home on (putting the cart before the horse). So I believe that leaves me with “plan B” which is to go and see if I can talk to the park owners or managers in person.

Thanks again for your input, it is always appreciated.

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Are you still looking for a park to put your mobile home, I own a mobile home park in Windsor NY, which is very close to Binghamton, please contact me at 860-482-6308.


Sabrina: I will being giving you a call in the near future.

Brenton White