Interstate Mobile Home Move

We are looking at getting estimates for a interstate mobile home move of a double wide (28’x66’) from eastern North Carolina to the Tampa, Florida area. Does anyone have a ballpark figure of what the cost would be and the name and number of a reliable mover? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Whoa. That’s about a 700 mile move, and moving a home costs about $6/mile (plus the fixed costs of tear-down and set-up). I do not know anyone who does moves on the East Coast, sorry. But you may need to find two movers - one licensed in NC to do the tear-down and transport, and one licensed in FL to then set/level it. The local manufactured housing associations in NC and FL should be able to give you the names of reputable movers.

I don’t mean to go off-topic, but I’m curious how you found the NC home, and why there wasn’t something better for you to purchase in FL…?