Interior lots carved out and sold under prior ownership

I’m looking at a park where a prior owner sold off several interior lots within the park to individuals who were occupying the lots in their tenant-owned homes.  One of the parcels has filed an easement so that they are assured ingress/egress to/from the park.  The homes are in very good condition, the parcel owners have been there for a long time, and none of the parcels could obstruct the park entrances.Is this a deal breaker?  Ideally I would try to buy out the smaller parcels so that this becomes a non-issue and so that I can have some control over the future use of the homes/residents.  Would it still be worth buying the park if I cannot convince the smaller parcel owners to sell back their lots?

Better to talk with your banker and see if they will provide financing in this situation. If they don’t you may have your answer.

The owners may not be willing to sell the parcels so don’t depend on this.