I know the standard response here is “call Kurt Kelly” when it comes to insurance. I have used Kurt’s agency for the last 4 years on my park(s). I think they do a great job and I have very comprehensive insurance. That being said, I just got a new quote for insurance for both parks. Each has increased 36-37% this year. I am all for being covered but is everybody else seeing this amount of increase? One parks premium is at about 10% of our total revenue. The other is about 3%.

What really stinks is we have had 3 trailer fires in our parks the last three years. I have never made a claim, just paid everything out of pocket. A total of about $20k. I did this because I was advised my insurance would probably double if I made a claim. The numbers didn’t seem to make sense to make the claim.

More of a frustration email but is anybody else seeing this?

Hi Ken, I’m certainly upset that we haven’t been able to find a better value insurance package for you to date. Unfortunately, you simply have a unique situation. The carrier we had you placed with increased their rates due to both higher than expected program losses and increased reinsurance costs. For other clients we have placed with this carrier, either their rates didn’t increase as much (different states) or we were able to move them to another insurance company that offered better terms. Unfortunately, in your situation with ownership of multiple properties, one of which is in a low population state, there wasn’t another carrier that had their program available in both states.

The good news is that within the past week another company which has agreed to review our request to offer you coverage. With some luck, we’ll be able to offer you better terms shortly.