Insurance required to remove home from park

I have a situation here in Michigan where there is a home being removed from the park. The contractor is licensed to remove the home but I want to make sure that he has insurance naming the park as an additional insured in case of any damage. Do I have the right to prevent the removal until I get proof of insurance? If so, how do I prevent him from doing any further work until I get this proof?

You should check with the Michigan Manufactured Housing Association. But in general, yes, all states have requirements that mobile home movers be licensed and, I believe, insured. You would be the additional insured on that policy.

I’d try and keep it ‘friendly’ with the mover and just explain that you require all movers to be licensed and insured and name you as additional insured. A reputable mover should say ‘No problem - here are my papers, I’m a legitimate businessman.’ But if you get the runaround, then you may be dealing with a fly-by-night illegal mover. Again, check with your State’s Manufactured Housing Association, but you should have this right to require anyone doing work of any type on your property (even simple sheet rocking and painting) to be licensed and name you as additional insured. You might also contact an attorney to get better appraised of your rights. Again, your State’s Manufactured Housing Association should be able to refer you to a few good attorneys.

You can always park a car infront of a home to prevent it’s removal. If/what liability this opens you up to will depend on the facts of the case and your state’s regulations. But it is done quite frequently…! (You might read this post on trailer hitch locks to prevent a MH from being moved: Mobile Home Park Investing Forum)

Your mileage may vary,