Insurance Help

I am having difficulty getting insurance on the homes that I am selling (financing) to tenants in my park in Burlington NC. Can anyone give me some guidance.

Thank You Rick Ewens


Although there are many others, have you tried Foremost they do a lot with mobile homes.



I would contact both Jay Zandman and Kurt Kelley (Mobile Insurance). Their contact information is on the MHU Resources page.



I use Foremost , Have insured 1970’s to 2000 models with no problem,

they usually just ask how much coverage, never known them to ever look at one of my homes,

a lot, i got covered and added into my tenant/buyers payment, others I sent to get there own policy with my same insurar (Foremost) with the coverage i wanted(me as lean holder) and i get a 10 day notice of canculaition if they dont pay.

Ricky Roland

In NC Farm Bureau is the only way to go… prices run about 12-20% of what foremost does! Give me a call and I’ll get you in touch with my agent, (828) 334-5879

Best wishes,

Ryan Needler