Insurance coverage needs - please help

Kurt Kelly doesn’t cover my state or I’d call him.

I’ve got a few buildings on my MHP property. For example, lets say I have 3 buildings each valued at 70k each. Lets call it a house and two shops. What coverage should I have? Do I need to have each building fully covered? Do I need replacement cost built-in? They aren’t near each other so won’t burn down in a fire together if one is set on fire. I don’t make any rent off of these buildings.

The other issue I’m running into is I need theft insurance to cover gear like tractors, mowers, etc, and I’m not sure where to go or what to ask for. I keep getting the runaround when I call the insurance companies.

Get it all insured for replacement cost. Try the Greenfelders at

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Send me a note where the park is and I’ll find you the best agent for that area. Kurt They should be able to help