Insurance claims

My manager’s home is owned by the park, and the roof recently suffered some hail damage.

I’m getting quotes to get it repaired, but I wouldn’t expect it to be exorbitant.

It looks like my deductible is $1,000, how far over a $1,000 would the repair have to be for you to file a claim?

You probably don’t have “repair cost” coverage but “ACV” or depreciated, actual cash value. Say the part that’s broken (roof) takes $8k to fix. You’ll only get it valued at $4k or something because it was “used” when the storm took it. So you are not necessarily looking at the same number for reimbursement even if you file a claim. On the other hand, if you’re submitting other claims from the same storm, might as well throw this one in with them. Kurt may have a different opinion. $4k? $8k? Somewhere in that range probably.