Insurance - Again, Am I being taken here?

My insurance coverage is up for renewal and I thought I would get some opinions on coverage. I “needed” insurance when I first put this policy in place but now that its up for renewal I really think I’m being soaked here. I read through the previous posts on Insurance and understand the discussions regarding self-insuring PO owns and loss of income. I plan to call Kurt Kelley and Chris Hollars as contacts others have recommended but am hoping to get some opinions from park owners, not just agents looking out for their bottom line (nothing personal, we all have to make a living).

I’m just curious, is there a rule of thumb the experts (Frank, Dave, et al) have developed for $ per space?

Not being a proud person, I’m going to provide the actual detail of my coverage so you can tell me where you think I’m overpaying for things I don’t need. Or, maybe worse, need to beef up things I don’t have. I apologize in advance if this offends anybody or is too much information.

42 space park

8 PO homes

Revenue around $160k

State of WY

Here’s how the policy reads:


A. Buildings - $65,000

B. Business Personal Property - $5,000


D. Employee Dishonesty - $50,000

A. Buildings

Business Liability

General Aggregate - $2,000,000

Products - Completed Operations Aggregate - $1,000,000

Personal and Advertising Infury - $1,000,000

Each Occurence - $1,000,000

Damage to Premises Rented to You - $50,000

Medical Expense Limit - NOT COVERED

Hired / Non-Owned Auto Liability - $1,000,000

Employee Benefits Liability - $1,000,000


Deductible applicable to Coverage A, B, and C is - $1,000

Deductible applicable to Coverage D - $1,000


Commercial Property Coverage Part - $382

Commercial General Liability Coverage Part - $1,626

Commercial Crime Coverage Part - $50

Commercial Inland Marine Coverage Part - $0

Commercial Auto (Business or Truckers) Coverage Part - $130

Commercial Employee Benifits Liability Coverage Part - $150

Commercial Garage Coverage Part - $0

Equipment Breakdown Coverage Part - $0

Commercial Umbreall Coverage Part - $0

Total Premium - $2,338

Policy Fee - $412

Total Charge - $2750 (plus they charge me a $80 broker’s fee on top of this)