Installer Contract

I’m looking for a good Installer Contract Template to use for the new homes I’m bringing into the park. Something that includes a warranty period and length of time of work. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Anyone? Can’t seem to find one anywhere and I don’t want to go through the nightmare (aka LEARNing process) of my last installation.

Was your previous installer not licensed or something?

My experience has been the installer provides the contract, if one is even used.

Here’s the link to the one I recommend for all our clients. I’ve got the “word” version of if if you’d like to amend it for your own use. Just email me and I’ll send it

It includes information for both installers and transporters, plus shows specific insurance requirements. Historically, transporter/installers have purchased poor/inadequate insurance that excludes damage to the home that they cause. It’s important they have the proper coverage.