Inspecting Mobile Homes During Due Diligence

A park I’m looking at is in a state where by law the landlord cannot enter the rented mobile homes without permission of the tenant unless it’s an emergency. This makes me wonder how I can perform a thorough inspection on those mobile homes.

Does anyone have a suggestion or any experience on this? Or are the tenants usually understanding when a new owner takes charge?

While it would be great to inspect the interior of every mobile home, that’s probably not a realistic goal. You can tell a lot about the condition of a mobile home from the exterior – such as dimensions (which gives you an idea of room sizes), age of home, general condition (and pride of ownership), etc. If a couple of the units are vacant, you can probably get a good idea of the standards that the owner has kept the homes up to. But the best course of action – whenever you are buying a park that has been operated and maintained by a mom & pop owner – is to put plenty of “fluff” in your numbers to protect against any deferred maintenance