Initial Hook Up

There are several expenses when moving a home into a park. Question for all, the charge to hook the power to the home or the water to the home, is that on the tenant or the park owner? Thanks

Hydro hook up is tenants responsibility, water is mine but I am on private water. If city water I would make the water hook up also be on the tenant

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It really depends. This is a case-by-case question.

In my sub-metered parks, we have a 50 amp plug. The Set-up Contractor must have all the utilities hooked up and working before the LEA will issue a C/O.

In my direct bill parks, I have had to run a new conduit and install a new meter box at my expense, but the contractor does the final hook-up. This is primarily due to code changes as the homes were installed in the 1960s with a direct burial power cord.

I also had one in a sub-meter park where the code says the power box must be within 4’ of the home, but the park was built before this was a code. I had to install a sub-panel from my original location to 4’ of the home.

For Water, my rule is the tenant is responsible for anything after the meter/shutoff valve (if no meter).

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