Inheriting bad tenants and ferriting out the truth with tenant disputes

So my park has a lot of tenants that were not screened. A few are feuding constantly with each other and blame each other for the same offenses. I don’t know who is honest and they are likely all liars to some degree.Am I best off just working to evict all of them or should I spend significant time getting down to the bottom of it and evicting the right people? All of my dirt-bag trouble maker tenants pay rent. I just issued my first cease and desist notice and am working to streamline this process.

Park tenants, when you first buy the park, fall into three basic categories: 1) those who pay and obey the rules 2) those who don’t, but might if you force them to and 3) those that won’t no matter what you do. Everyone in group #1 stays, everyone in group #3 goes, and the jury is out on everyone in group #2. Getting along with neighbors is not a part of our requirements. If you pay us rent and obey the rules – and yet hate your neighbors with a passion – that’s OK from our perspective. If that hatred flares into breaking the law, then 911 solves that. I would not devote any time to babysitting the tenants’ relationships with their neighbors. That’s a matter between them and the police. We’re in the rent and rules business. 

Thanks Frank.