Inforcing new contract to exsisting tenants

I just bought a park and I have my new lease contracts ready for tenants to sign.I have in the contract one rule that states there will be no window units. Is it ok to allow exsisting tenants to have window units and just inforce the rule to future tenants.I dont think thats a good idea because I dont want to start with bending the rules.Although thats a big expence to buy a central unit.How should I deal with this issue?

I think you mean ‘enforce’ and ‘expense.’

But I’d not have such a rule. I’d let tenants have whatever sort of A/C they want. We do install central A/C on the mobile homes we own, but allow tenants that own their homes to have whatever they want.

My 2 cents worth,


I would not have a no AC rule either.

If it is the tenant’s home they can do as they please. If it is a POH then the tenants must pay their own hydro and can have an AC unit if they please. However if it is a POH you should insist that all window units be professionally installed. Water damage from AC units is a serious issue and to be honest tenants generally have no knowledge of how to install them properly. Hire a professional or learn how to install them properly and do it yourself. Never let a tenant do any work on your home.

I personally never allow tenants to do any work on my homes for any reason not even painting. If they want something done or changed hire a professional or do it yourself and have the tenant pay.

Thanks guys for the input.I know the ac rules seems silly but I have a tenant that has a window sticking out just about every window in the house.It looks terrible.What about a rule of how many like 3-4.I do like the rule of not doing work yourself.I can see the problems of not installing units properly and water damage is noticable in a few trailers in the park.Thanks again!!