INC. vs. LLC

all of my commercial realestate holdings are deeded to my corporation…it was the only option available 30+ years ago.

A corporation managing mobile home parks is an unweildy process.

I am considering my options. I have been advised by my CPA that to dissolve my corporation and transfer ownership of the properties into an LLC would have very negative tax implications for me.

So I am considering leaving the realestate in the corporate name, and establishing an LLC property management company ( owned by the corporations) to manage the properties on behalf of the corporation.

I beleive this would allow me to do evictions myself instead of paying an attorney a $1500 retainer for each filing (the going rate around here) I could handle small claims court collections, and abandoned home filings myself. The local muni court threw the last eviction I tried to process myself, out of court for not having an attorney

anyone have any experience in this? am I completely out of my mind here?