Implementing billing procedures after park takeover

How do other park owners handle the exceptions with a park billing? For example, its pretty common for one or two tenants to get paid late in the month, say the 10th, and the previous owner let it slide and always accepted that tenant’s payment on the 10th.  Do other park owners ever accommodate any specific situations such as this, or do you set a firm rule that’s always applied, and from day one its up to the tenant to figure it out on their end if they get paid late?

I do not accommodate any non standard payment dates. It only complicates your business record keeping and has no benefit for the business owner. It’s the tenants problem to figure out how to save money and make payments on the first of the month. If they are not able to adjust their finances two weeks the likely hood is they will miss payments regardless of when the money is due. If you instigate a late fee that should fix the problem.

Noel, we do not accommodate any non-standard payment dates.We have our “Customer Payment Responsibilities” which include two different Late Payments and when the Eviction Process begins.If one of our Tenants lets us know that they will be late, we gently remind them of the “Customer Payment Responsibilities” and that the Late Fees and Eviction Process will begin as indicated.  Only once they pay all Rent and Late Fees then (and only then) will the Eviction Process end.We always ask ourselves “What would the water company do?” or “What would the cell phone company do?”.The MHP is our Business.  Thus, we operate it as a Business.As both you and Greg indicated:“it is up to the Tenant to figure out how to pay it when they get paid at a different time”.We wish you the very best!

The only time I do this is if resident receives SS check after the 5th day. I have very few tenants who do this but I make this exception if it is for real.

Brian Z---- Seems like a odd way to operate, Why the exception?It would be my opinion that you would have no justification to charge any tenants a late fee or enforce payments on time if you allow exceptions. One well informed tenant could derail any future attempts to evict if you allow some but not all to pay late.