I'm looking for someone to flip a mobile home for me!

I usually deal with single family homes, and a while back when I did some postcard marketing I got a response from a woman who has owned a mobile home in a nice park in Richland, Washington since 2004. Now she plans to move to the east coast and wants to sell. The more I look into the situation the more confused I get. I have sixteen pictures, and a spreadsheet in which I compiled the sale data for all of the homes on the street. I’ve sent the owner a link to the NADA pricing guide, and asked her to fill it out and tell me what the market price should be.( Initially she just told me “the neighbor’s house just sold for $49k, and mine is older so I’d like to get $35k.” That’s a bit too much of an approximation for me!)

It’s owned free and clear, so I thought I’d try to buy it using owner financing and rent it, but the park only allows owner occupied homes. Even a lease with option to buy would be against the rules.

I’d be glad to hand the whole thing over to someone who is experienced in this niche of the RE world. If you are interested in helping a widow get on with her life, just send me an email address and I’ll send you all of the information I have.


Alan Younker