If you could only do one

…or the other, Mobile Home Millions, or the Boot Camp this season, which would be the best bang (education, networking, motivation) for the buck

(time & money).

I know both would be best, but I still a Bubba, without the U for now.

Rick Lee

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I would do the Mobile Home Millions event. This will be a great event to get your feet wet and start to develop a good group of people to surround yourself with. You can then take it to the next level and attend the Mobile Home Bootcamp in Texas once you know that mobile homes/mobile home parks are for you!

Make sure and reserve your hotel room for MHM 5 soon! There are only about 10 hotel rooms left of our discounted room block!

See you in San Diego!


Thanks Corey,

I have been making plans in that direction, but am concerned that I may earn my “U” prematurely if I take 3 days off to attend, but it may be worth it.



If you’re brand new to this niche, here’s my suggestion. Read Deals on Wheels before you get to MHM. This will give you an introduction so you’ll have enough background to understand what folks are going to be talking about at MHM. When you are in San Diego, make a special effort to meet folks from your area. Then once you’re back home, followup with appointments to go see some of the operations those folks have set up. After you’ve done all that, along with some local area street research, you’ll be well prepared to start doing deals.

I look forward to meeting you!



Thanks, we met at MOM, my wife & I sat up front on the 2nd row from your left.

We are working our way thru Lonnies books, we just got them in last week (yeah).

I have let my wife read DOW first & I am working on the 2nd book.

We have been working on the street part, riding parks, calling etc. I have even bugged Greg a couple of times about a park deal that I have been talking to a seller about. Greg has been super with sharing his knowlege, even after a long day at the office.('preciate it!)

I am about ready to make an offer on it I think, the worst case scenario is NO. So what NEXT!

I can hardly wait to fire my boss, but it must wait a while.

There is not as much for me to learn about the mobiles, (I have been under too many) its the financing & management knowlege that I desire, also the fellowship & friendships.

I am trying to work it out.


Hey Rick,

Come to MHM if you can, make your decision about the bootcamp at that time. You may get the most out of bootcamp after you’ve gotten a few deals under your belt anyway.

If you have Greg as a local resource you are in excellent shape, but the events do serve as great networking events and can inspire you to get to the next level (whatever that level may be for you today).

I hope to see you there,