Ideas To Reduce Mowing Costs

I am looking at a park that has a large amount of green space at the front and on the side of the property. I have received quotes of $300 each time it gets cut. I am curious whether anyone can share ideas to reduce the space to be mowed such as sand volleyball courts, rock gardens, gravel parking lot, etc. Also, if I purchase a good riding mower, how would the park manager be compensated appropriately for the job in addition to his normal duties. The park has approx. 100 lots and only a few park owned homes that I will sell or rent to own. Thanks in advance for any input! Bob

We prefer to just add a fixed amount to the manager’s monthly pay during mowing season. Of course you have to make sure that they are actually doing the mowing so unannounced visits are a good idea or have a trusted person drive by once in awhile (assuming you are a remote owner).


Depending on how much there is to mow that sounds reasonable. I would price it out and get a contract for the season.

Keep in mind if you by a mower there are repair costs, gas, extra pay to manager (if they can do the job) etc…

Other option - sell off extra land or fill in vacant lots :slight_smile: Wishful thinking and my dream, all lots filled and no common area upkeep :slight_smile: - but not really going to happen.

I’m not sure this will work for you as the communities I am invested in mows everything, including the resident lots.

We own the equipment, buy gasoline and oil in bulk (less taxes in most states if it is for agricultural or off-road use) and hire on an as needed basis (which is all the time durning summer and when it snows.) We drop the mower decks and put on blades in the winter to handle driveways and sidewalks. We also have more than one piece of equipment and in different sizes. We use a lot of high school boys because the extra liability insurance is cheaper than independent contractors.

On key difference could be in the caliber of the community managers. Ours are very well paid and they have the ability to hire and supervise.