Ice breaker for stopping by to meet with on site owner

Found a 56 lot park circa 1970 that appears to be fairly occupied, good amount of deferred maintenance and disheveled units. Owner appears to be mom and pop that have lived on site many years, any advise on how to approach?
I’m personable and can get along with most people so would a unannounced drop by be inappropriate? If they get angry I have no problem apologizing and say call
Me if you want to talk in the future and hand them my card. How would you broach the subject of selling?

If they have a phone number, then call them. We only use the “dropping by” angle when there is no way to reach the seller, or they will not respond to our calls and letters. When you drop by unannounced, it can sometimes backfire and make them uncomfortable (like a door to door salesman does with you). However, if they won’t respond to anything else, you have nothing to lose.