I want the tenant gone

I want this couple gone! The couple is current on rent, but just bad seeds to the others in the park. The wife sleeps with almost all the men in the park and the husband allows it. This is how they are able to be current their rent. He pimps her out according to the other tenants. Plus they also have a vicious 50+ dog that I am terrified of. I met the AC repair man at the mobile home (which I own) on Friday (they knew we were going in at 3pm. and they are sitting on the couch smoking a joint and smoke filled the room. What can I do to get rid of them? I am in Alabama BTW.

Terminate their lease for non-cause if legal in your state. Serve all Notices on a timely schedule per law. 60 Day Notice required in my state for non-cause. Bad seeds can make many neighbors unhappy.


Thank you! I will most definitely check into that law. Thank you again!

Maybe get them on the dog clause, if that’s in the community rules. What they do in their home is not your business.


In Alabama what goes on inside their home is my business…it’s illegal activity. Thank you for bringing this to my attention so that I could inquire about that.

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Do you have written rules in your park? In PA, there is a process - 2 violations of rules in 6 months constitutes grounds for eviction. You have to send 2 certified letters. If 1 violation is ongoing, you can send 2 letters a reasonable amount of time apart (varies depending on what the violation is). Good luck!

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Just in our lease agreement. I don’t have anything posted outside except watch out for children playing and the speed limit. I haven’t owned this park but a couple months. Thank you for bringing this to my attention I may need to work on getting a more updated sign and adding things to it. Thank again!

I see the lease as the primary doc, so if your lease says something about all this, you may be all set. Our lease has a box they check so when they sign the lease, they acknowledge that that have received the rules and that the rules are essentially a part of the lease.


If you don’t have a set of park rules, that’s a mistake. A proper set of park rules puts parameters on tenants to create the best living environment. The Rules should fit your park, demand tenants be safe (ex. no bad dogs, no dogs over 35 lbs), and be enforced. Remember that every time you enforce a rule for better living, you may upset the one tenant being corrected, but you are making all of the remainder of the tenants happy. Clean, quiet parks are full parks.