I truly love this business

I spent most of this past winter kinda hibernating down here in florida (not a bad way to go) and as the days lengthen and start warming (79* today) i realized something…I love this business. Set-up, transport, Lonnie deals, L/hs, Parks, repo flips, retail notes. Each of these niches is profitable and well…fun.

Think about it, I set my own hours, have no set schedule, make as much money as i have ambition and energy to earn. Hard to beat.

This has been a very challenging year but being the eternal optimist, i see things improving slowly.

I have a simple goal this year…L/O another cash critter Park and hold onto the properties i own or lease.

I go online an hour every morning to read some news and avoid the gloom and doom the rest of the day…and I realized something…My family and I have as much fun camping in tent and sleeping bags in Ocala National forest by a lake as we do at Epcot Center 399 per night rooms in Orlando.

Anyone else out there seeing improved traffic, inquiies, sales, rentals? Or is it only my part of florida with sunshine? LOL

Regards all,


We are seeing improved conditions and a massive increase in the need for low cost housing here as well. Flexibility for the right people has filled our properties up and I’m seeing a massive increase in on-time collections and a drop off in evictions rates as people hang on to what they’ve got.

I see another rough spot coming again in 4-16 months in an artificial market correction when the media starts thumping that everything is getting better… When we hit the true bottom of this mess the people that have moved down will start moving back up as things improve! I can see the US economy easily reaching double-digit averages in unemployment over this summer. Simply put it’s going to take years to get outa that, solid businesses are not built overnight.

Even with the rough patches we’ve been through in the last two years or so I still love the business as well. I set my own schedule, my income is determined by how much “I” want to put in, and I can take time off when I want to without having to ask permission… Yes I do work hard for what I’ve got, there is no easy button folks!

Best wishes,

Ryan Needler (Who can’t wait to hit the trout streams with ya this spring!)

Business is good here in Mid-MO, I have no available houses right now (I’m working on getting more) a list of people to call as soon as I get more. I even have Clayton Homes scheduled to deliver a new 32x80 for a retired couple in 2 weeks.

it is HUGE. clayton makes a wonderful home. i am glad things are going well with you Shawn.


I’m looking forward to it also…plus we make this pact’ " No cell phones allowed".


" No cell phones allowed".

You’re welcome to bring it, they make a great portable camera… That’s the only thing they are good for in most of my fishing holes, there is ZERO reception, which is one of the reasons I love the mountains :wink: Can’t wait!


Have you ever filed a personal property damage complaint against one of your tenants?



Haven’t found it to be worth the time. Have yet to run across anyone that actually had anything worth taking.

I have filed charges against a tenant that decided to shoot out some windows with a BB gun, wasn’t hard but didn’t go any where other than a slap on the wrist and I still haven’t seen a dime. In a nutshell take bunches of pictures and go talk to the magistrate and they’ll decide if it’s a civil or criminal issue. Once they make their determination (without giving any legal advice) you can go to the clerk’s office and they’ll give you the paperwork you need to file a civil complaint if it goes that way. Not hard to file, major PITA to deal with (think legal aid), and hard to prove unless you have plenty of before pictures