I own a park in Indiana and need to bring in a home from Ohio?

Hi Guys,I have a park in Indiana.Purchased a home in Ohio and was curious if there are any regulations that I may be missing.Thank you very much,Tony 

Talk to your IN MHP association (http://imharvic.org).  Also ask a few mobile home movers; you should not have much difficulty finding one that has moved a home from OH to IN.Good luck,-jl-

Hey Tony, I just asked this question a couple weeks ago and got no response either. I purchased a home in Ohio a few weeks ago and it is scheduled to be moved to Indiana on Tuesday. I had to pay $5 to get what they call a Yellow Card. Besides that my mover said they can get the road permits. Once it makes it to Indiana I’ll have to try to get it titled here also. I can let you know how it goes, remind me!