I can not believe it

A few weeks ago I compared Cali and Texas as economic powers to be reckoned with and this morning SO DID FORBES!!!


This means one of two things…either " Great minds think alike" or they jacked my thoughts and I desrve an honorable mention LMAO.


Te lo juro (it’s the truth) Cali is cutting off it’s FACE to stay the same way they were when I went to school there (60’s) EVERY industry is declining there not one single net job has been created there since 1998!!! Since 1998 when Hollywood produced 80% of movies to year ending Sept 2010 reduced to 30% and plenty of smart folks think this is an inflated number Steven Spielberg among them.

Read the articles folks…it is truly mind boggling and they dont mention foreclosures Almost 5 times higher in Cali.