I am scared to post now!

Those moderators look intimidating…

Hmmm, I was thinking I ought to post more often!

are sooooo flattering. I am so not this handsome in real life!

Can you guess which one of us live in Florida and which in Washington???



I can’t tell you how much safer I feel knowing that we have such a handsome pair of bouncers to keep the riff raff out.

I also can’t tell you what I had to bribe them with to let me back in.


LOL…The only difference between your photos here and at the post office is that one is in color, the other is in black and white.

On a serious note, Greg and Steve are extremely good at what they do…make money in the mobile home business. If you can’t learn from them, then you better go do something else. All of here are MHU appreciate their willingness to share the things that have made them successful with others.

Thanks guys,


Well stated, indeed.

I appreciate, as I know many others do, the effort that Greg and Steve, put forth to “pay it forward”.

But not just these two, but you also Steve, and Lonnie, and Earnest, and Karl, and Corey, and Fred, and Tony, and Anne, and Ryan, and… well the list goes long and I am sure to leave some out, but I include all.

My wife & I are still in awe of how giving everyone is.

What an incredible bunch of folks, you are… heroes one and all.

We all appreciate your dedication and hard work.


Greg glad to see you! We sure can tell you are the one from Florida! Nice tan man. grin Thanks for all your help in the past. I’d never heard of this particular Steve, but have’n read Steve Case and SteveWA on CREonline, reading a Steve stands a good chance of learning something. Good luck to yall in your new voices.

Do I have to have my bro’ G-dawg shank ya?

LOL - I guess that the guy on the right is from Washington LOLOLOL



Steve_WA and Steve Wiltz are the same person. We will all learn from Steve, he’s a guy who makes things happen and loves to share his unique ideas and experiences.

Steve Case

Grin, I swannee SteveWA, small world ain’t it. They’ll put you in a cell one day. lol grin. Coffee some day dude. Moderate us well!

Steve, did they tell you it was a requirement that you hand out more of those GOTC shirts when they recruited you for this? And Greg, did they tell you that shorts and flip flops are not the proper attire? (Wear your GOTC shirt, man!) Maybe you can go beyond being a hundredaire now!

Seriously, there could not be better guys to do this job. Both of you have given thousands of people great advice over the years and have a lot of friends out here in mobilehomeland. See you both real soon.

Great to see you guys and many thanks from all who read your great posts.

Tony Colella

Hello Tony, hope you are well. Gave your book away to another up and come’r. grin. Thanks for it Tony, thank your partner for me.


Hello Ellen Bren, hope all is well in Troy. Lakeview is a mess, grin


I need moderating. lol