Hurricane Matthew Preparation Tips

Here’s a few tips for Hurricane Matthew Preparation:

  1. Trim and prune trees:
  2. Secure all loose items inside a structure. Pool furniture should be placed in the pool;
  3. Garage doors should be closed with a car or other heavy item parked right up against the inside of the door;
  4. Have your key contact list prepared: insurance company (policy # handy), employees’ cell #'s, key contractors, utility companies, bank information, computer service company;
  5. Have a plan for when / where employees are to gather post storm and under what circumstances;
  6. Forward company phone calls to off site protected location where someone can answer them;
  7. Fill your vehicle with gas;
  8. Have proper supplies and food/water stored;
  9. Boardup and or tape windows;
  10. Set freezer and fridge to coldest settings and open them rarely;
  11. Unplug electronic appliances when storm very near;
  12. Evacuate flood areas;
  13. Give residents a list of local shelters; and
  14. Call your insurance agent so you can talk about financial planning post storm.