How would you handle this?

Ok, so one day I was griping about being sorta paralyzed by fear. Jim Johnson said the biggest hurdle I had was identifying what that fear was and figuring out what I had to do to overcome it. (Thanks Jim) I also stumbled on the book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T Harv Eker. (Fear=Excuses= You’re Broke!!)

So…I am now pushing myself through this. I am asking people for additional info on their parks and starting to evaluate them. So far, no one has told me how “green” I am. (one of those pesky fears I had)

This is my dilemma for today…

I received some additional info from a seller and as I look over it, none of it makes sense to me. Not because I don’t understand how to evaluate the numbers, (obviously I’m not a pro though), but the numbers really don’t make any sense. Nothing added together is right. I can’t even figure out how they would have totaled anything. And then expenses that should be higher are very low and stuff that should be lower are extremely high!

Frank just said yesterday that a big part of your getting a deal done is how you “bond” with the seller.

What do I say or do? I don’t want this person to feel bad or think I’m bashing them by saying their financials make no sense and they can’t even add right, but I do want to figure out if this is a deal or not!

Any advice?