How to tell if the evicted person from a TOH has actually left?

  1. On site manager says tenant is gone.
  2. However, I sent a certified letter as required for eviction process in my state, and the tenant signed it.

Post office says it would forward if tenant has a forwarding address setup, but they wont tell me if he has a forwarding address setup.

Considering I dont have a key, and old tenant could be hiding, not sure best process.

I’d trust your Manager on this one. Ask them to take a look at night to verify no lights, vehicles, etc.

Is the eviction process done? Or in process? Hes not technically evicted till the judge signs the final order. Is he still using any water or sewer services still?

What difference does it make to you whether the tenant is there or not, if the home is still there anyway? You’ll need to sue the homeowner or file for abandonment or something.