How to pass on sewer consumption to residents in Illinois?

This question is directed to the MHP owners in IL. My understanding is that is expensive and onerous to submeter water and pass on consumption charges to residents in IL. Does anyone know if there is anything that would prevent passing on the sewer consumption bill? In essence submeter the water only for the purpose of charging for the sewer portion of the water/sewer bill.

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Maybe a Phillip Merrill question? Also for any Illinois park owners…are you projecting real estate tax increases to help cover budget shortfalls in Illinois?

A. Get with an attorney who understands RE law.
B. I Installed Metron water meters and wont do it any other way.

Thank you @clintncal . I would love to learn more:

  • So you submeter with metron meters and pass on both water/sewer?
  • Do the submeters have to be approved by the state? do you have to have someone certified by the state read the meters?

Check with

ask for Bill Baird, he set me up and can walk you thru the details
yes i passed water,sewer and trash
metron meters are read remotely , so no one has to physically read them

Thank you @clintncal . Will do!

I agree with clintncal. Although I do not have experience in Illinois I have found the process to be the same everywhere else. You simply install meters of your choice read them on a regular cycle do your calculations and invoice your tenants.

You just have to understand the laws related to submetering which may differ by state. For example some states may tell you that you have to post a specific disclaimer on your statements. You may find that the methodology of doing your calculations may vary.

We have sub-metered many MHP’s water to equitably allocate sewer cost.
First, check if your sewer bill is based on a per home, pipe size, or consumption.
I would be glad to help you.

“We’re here to answer your sub-metering questions”