How to handle tenants with too many cars

Background: New to the forum. I own a small park - 1 or 2 star at best.

I am having difficulty with tenants seeming to “collect” cars as of late - and trust me these aren’t classic collectible cars. It seems they are acquiring cars and have grand plans to use them. However, they just seem to sit. Upon initial purchase of the park (nearly 2 years ago) I enforced the rule that every car in the park needs to be legally tagged. With this, many cars were towed and never returned. Now, people are tagging all of their cars but some cars rarely, if ever, move. I have no way to know if they are “operable” as stated in the rules. Per the rules (excerpt below), tenants are only allowed to have 2 cars unless prior permission is granted. A few tenants continue to keep more than 2 cars. Some of them with good reason as they may have teenage children that drive their own cars, parents living with adult children, etc… However, most of the people with excess cars only have 1 or 2 drivers but still have more than 2 cars. Nobody has every asked for permission to have more than 2 cars, they just show up. I wouldn’t be so particular about this if the tenants could park in a semi-straight line within their parking area. However, its like every car is at an different angle as if they were just dropped from the sky.

Please advise what you do about this. Also, please advise under what terms, if any, you would give approval to a tenant having more than 2 cars? If someone has better language in their rules I would welcome seeing it.

EXCERPT FROM RULES__________________________________________________________________________________________________

?Vehicles that are inoperable or not legally tagged will be