How to get started with no money?

I am looking to start investing in mobile homes, starting out with typical lonnie deals. what would be the best way to get started without any money? also, what is the quickest way to get your cashflow around 5k month doing this? i need to ditch this corporate job as quickly as possible. do i use options and do a couple of flips first then finance the deals or what? any ideas, i live near charlotte north carolina

A great way is to line up investors that would be happy with a 12% return; this can be done in IRAs too. Locate the deals and have them buy the home and pay for the rehab. Put them on a 5-6 year note. Resell the deal at retail at 14.5% so you capture the home premium plus the interest premium. That note could be 7-15 years depending on what it cost and your market. Great way to get rolling. Good luck.