How to find private investors or partners

What’s the best way about finding private investors or partners who understand MHP deals? There is a property I am interested in, located near the Poconos PA. Large potential upside, but based on current income and asking price, would be hard to finance I think. SF might be possible but will depend on buyer. I’ll list details below for reference:

Location: Near Poconos, PA
Pads: 37, 7 TOH, 30 vacant. Current rents $450, utilities backbilled
Public Utilities
Asking $549k
Was part of a portfolio package that included larger parks, so the corporation is holding onto the larger parks and selling off the smaller ones. This particular property was distressed at time of purchase. It was filled at one time, but corporate owner is just wanting to sell as is.

Hey Brandon. Would be interested in discussing with you. We have several parks across country and growing. Have a park about 40 min away from the Poconos, so we know the local area well with contractors, etc…