How to find a park has drug issues?

Sorry for asking this question. But curious to know how to research that a park has drug issues.

Are you asking how to find out if there are drug issues?If so:1. Drive into the park during ‘cocktail hour’ - that’s Fridays after work.  That is when everyone gets paid, and if you see a lot of cars driving into the property and stopping at one particular house for 5 minutes and then leaving, then you know that’s a drug dealer.2. Ask the police.3. Ask responsible tenants in the property if there is a problem.The way to get rid of drug dealers is:1. Evict them.  Just non-renew their lease.  Don’t get confrontational by telling them why you are evicting them.  You can non-renew for 'no reason.'2. Hire an off-duty police officer to come park at the front of your park with his police cruiser.  Have him run the plates of all cars coming into the park.  Although off duty, he can arrest anyone with an outstanding warrant.  Word will spread, and the drug dealer will leave if none of his/her customers are coming in to the park for pickups.Best,-jl-

Thank you Jeff for your guidance. This is most helpful.

Also, shoes or running shoes (sneakers) hanging off power lines may also be an indicator for a “dealer”.