How Should I handle The Calls?

I put out a test ad in a paper while I am going through the due diligence phase on the park that we have under contract.

The ad came out today and noticed that I didn’t think this through that well. When I received a call I didn’t know how to explain the park or the location. I was unsure if I should be saying what park it is or not.

Since I have it under contract, I guess I could say the park name and describe it. This would give me a feeling for those that are familiar with the park and give me feedback on it (whether positive or negative).

I’m basically telling them that the mobile home advertised has been rented but that we should have some more available in the nest 4 to 6 weeks. I then do the interview to find out if they can buy or rent.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.



I’ve had success simply telling callers I was considering investing in their area and that I was running a test ad for property I was considering in the area. I then go on to ask their advice/opinion on various parks in the area and any other information they have that might be useful. It’s amazing how helpful folks will be and what they’ll share.



Thanks Mike,

That’s a good approach. I was fortunate to have Karl W. help me out and suggest that I simply tell the people that call that we are in the process of changing title on the company.

This seemed to appease most people that really wanted to know which park it was, and protected us from our Non-Disclosure agreement. I would just move the conversation on from there and tell them that by the time I get more homes in (4-6 weeks) I’d be glad to have them over to the park to visit and see it for themselves.

I ran the add for a week and we got real strong response.