How should i go about starting my career?

I am 18 years old and paid cash for a bank owned home that was just recently appraised at over 100k. I work full time at an RV Factory, My long term goal 1-5 years would be to own and manage a mobile home community. I am currently enrolled at my community college for a degree in business management. My plan is to sell my home assuming to get 100k and using anywhere from 40-60k on a down payment and use the rest of the money for repairs the community may need. I wouldn’t mind living with-in the community for a couple years to get a full feel of what needs to happen to make the community a great place to live also i would be working 24/7 on ways to enhance profit. I could make other living arrangements if needed. I just got a approved for my first credit card last week and i’m going to work on getting my credit score up as i have no credit at the moment. My main question is this, Is a bank even going to consider loaning a 19 or 20 year old 2-300,000 for something like this? like i said earlier my down payment will be in the 50k range. I’m going to work on educating myself in this industry the best that i can. Any advice would be very appreciated