How many lots can one manager handle?

I am considering down sizing our staff and combining 3 parks to one manager and 2 greeters.

Is it too much to ask for 1 manager to handle 3 parks at roughly 300 lots? I am thinking during the 1st of the month it might be a PIA to deposit all the checks.

Or am I wrong?

One manager can easily handle 300 lots – we have several managers that already do that. But you will probably need a greeter in each of the other two – as you suggested – to help out.

We have one manager one office manager one maintenance man, and one part time weekend for our RV section with 380 mhp lots plus 41 nightly RV sites. No problems at all with coverage.We do sub some maintenance at times.

Rick Ewens

You need to clarify if you are in a stabilized occupancy mode or if you are rehabbing and selling homes. If you are in a rapid growth mode with filling lots (bringing in 1 -2 homes per month per park and getting them leased), then the manager load is much greater. Our managers spend most of their time on the home side of the business - I just put one manager in charge of 2 parks (about 200 lots total) and her head is spinning right now with all the home showing, rehab, etc.

Under a stabilized scenario with average turnover, then I agree with Frank and Rick.


Forgive me for asking a stupid question but what is a greeter?

A “greeter” is a phrase that I coined for the MH community, that I stole from Walmart. At Walmart, a “greeter” is the person who says “welcome to Walmart” and hands you a shopping cart. In a mobile home park, it’s someone who is your eyes and ears and can do simple tasks like pick up litter, put notices on doors, report utility outages, let you know if the mower showed up, etc., but is not allowed to do anything that requires much thought, such as file evictions or dispatch repairs. In some smaller parks (and even stabilized larger ones) it is more cost efficient to hire a low-cost greeter for day to day observations, and do the harder things yourself from home and your laptop. What is the kryptonite to the “greeter” system? As Bret pointed out: park-owned homes or parks in the middle of a massive turn-around. Greeters work best in stabilized park scenarios with few park-owned homes.

I call them someone who has discounted rent to do all you mentioned, I have a retired little lady now. In the past I have had one tenant for day and one for night, they love the discounted rent and do a very good job.