How Far Can You Move a MH?

I see good deals on MHs here in California’s Central Valley from time to time. I have a park in Nebraska and I would guess it would not be economical to move them that far, but I really don’t know.

How far from your parks do you guys go to look for homes?

So far never more than 500 miles, and generally not more than 300 miles. But ask your local dealers for a price quote. If the home is cheap enough, then you should not mind paying more for the move.


It’s merely a matter of economics. Once a home is rolling down the highway, there is no real limitation to the distance it can go. Probably the most common mistake that happens when moving a home a long distance is losing sight of the wind load and snow load requirements in many states, and moving a home in that will not be permitted to stay because it can’t withstand the weather in that part of America. Make sure you know the laws regarding the minimum wind load and snow load designations, and only buy homes accordingly.