How do you guys advertise for a manager?

Eastern Ohio, 70 occupied spaces, all tenant owned homes / 30 hrs wk. Want to pay $10/hr with free rent at nice on-site 2-story homes. Retired couple OK. Park is zoned for 125 so they can make a lot through sales over the next couple years. I am not paying enough to move someone across the country so they probably need to be fairly local. No one in the park is really qualified to manage (tough turnaround). We revised an existing ad we found for anther nearby park. We bought 3 months ago and have been managing ourselves but want to begin backing out of the picture in the next month or two.

Do you guys use Facebook Marketplace? Craigslist? Zip Recruiter? Anyone make a hire but came across the some prospective seconds you might share? Thanks in advance.

I send out a flyer to all the residents. I prefer to hire existing tenants than new people.

I have my on-site staff interview all the applicants as they know everyone who lives in the parks. I have them narrow it down to the top 2-3 people. Then I interview the top candidates.

This is helpful because it eliminates people that are hard to work with. Also, the people that live in the park have a vested interest in seeing the park run efficiently.

The only downside is if you have to fire them. Usually, once they are fired they move out.

The upside is you do not lose the space rent on a managers coach.

Thank you. I’m not sure anyone in the park is qualified. Maybe I’m being too picky.