Home sellers as park owners

I have found that some of the parks I am researching are owner by the mobile home seller in the area, not a surprise.

Should I just visit the sellers business of send a letter of interest to the business address? They own multiple parks between 40-100 lots.

So you’re saying that the mobile home park is owned by the local mobile home dealer, right? That’s not uncommon, as many mobile home parks got their start as a side-business to the home dealer (an efficient process when the customer did not have land to put the mobile home on). The only downside to these sellers are 1) they normally want too much and 2) you have to be careful that the parks are not filled with new homes just waiting to be repossessed.I would just call the mobile home dealer and ask for the owner. Or you can send him a letter. Unlike the park manager, the salesmen at the dealerships will pass the letter on, because they could care less about the park.

yep that is right, i have found the mobile home seller owns a few local parks. three nice little parks between 40-60 spaces, and i anticipated they would want top dollar as the parks are managed appropriately.i am still trying to determine how best avenue  to search for property owners outside of my county. Any suggestions.as always, thanks for the welcomed support

You can access property tax records on-line in many areas, and in others you can call the appraisal district and the staff will give you the owner contact info. We do it all the time – it’s not that hard.

Thanks for the direction, ill try that