High Voltage Power Lines

We are currently looking at a 32 space park that has high Voltage power lines running through the middle of it. Would this be an issue or should we proceed forward? What are some concerns that I need to investigate? During the due diligence who should we talk with to find out the right of way? I know from a drive through that there are no homes located under the lines? Any help with individuals that have purchased parks with Electric lines running through them would be greatly appreciated?
Thank You
Jordan SC

Electric utilities have an easement or right of way that would prevent any permanent securing of structures to the ground in a given area. This is a safety thing in case a live wire drops or breaks or whatever. The property owner should have a copy of the easement or prior survey that states how many feet wide, etc this would be and where it’s located on the property. If you call the utility they can tell you also - they periodically mow these rights of way and maintain them as part of their vegetation management requirements.

You could potentially put RV pads under there, but it varies utility by utility and the language of the easement.

Other than that I think it’s just a perception thing. If the park is already 90%+ occupied then it may not be a big deal, but if it’s 25% occupied you may want to find out more if that’s an influencing factor.