Hey Y'all....

I’ve been super busy trying to take advantage of tax refund money and it’s been effective. full on units on lots and have 3 empties inPark WOW!! What a diff a year makes.

We sold a few homes off the lot and were able to add 2 rental EACH to our portfolios in 6 weeks. It may be premature but things are looking up in florida. turnover is down and the quality of people applying is up.

I take weeks off and camp. travel. dive, visit friends and I’ve got to say…this slow time isn’t ALL bad lol.

Anyone out there doing anything cool right now? If so let’s hear about it people!


That’s great news Greg! Glad things are starting to look better!



Did I miss a post? What happened to the lender owned community you were pursuing? Glad to hear you are out there kicking around. Will we see you in MO at the Sisco MOM event?



Glad to hear that things are looking better in Florida! Still have my same few mobiles with land in GA that I rent out, but my wife and I will be opening a restaurant in Jacksonville around the end of this month. Been working on it a long time. Hopefully the folks there will be hungry for some good BBQ!


Hey Greg, Glad to hear things are going well in FL. Not much going on for us in the Seattle area. There is still new home construction, military construction, road and bridges being worked on as well as banks hanging onto about 75% of their REOs and continuing to foreclose on even more home owners.


Good to hear from you and to hear good news. Still kickin’ away here in Cincy. I’ve got a room reserved at Zeno’s in Rolla.


since I posted last. my Bank notified me that my accounts were checked and in July I can see if my credit was run. I haven’t called them except to verify that they received my packet…ball is in their court.

Good to hear from you Rick,