Hey y'all...Random Thoughts!

Hope the holidays and the coming new year have been good for you all. This time of year I always try and mentally recap the past year and it was a real …er challenge. lol.

The very good news is that I was able to catch up on some reading and to tell you the truth I needed this break. I helped my secretary Vicky move to T H Indiana and spent a month up there…it gets cold there folks starting in Oct!

I hear from a lot of folks off the board here and the gamut runs from doing great (his main job is in collections…kinda figures,eh?) to desperation. didn’t someone really cool once say," Most men lead lives of quiet desperation?" Help me out Anne! who was that?

Things are tough in florida right now as I am sure they are where a lot of you live. In 2 years I went from 17 performing L/H notes to 2. Now have 64 rentals and are at 88% occ, on land and 61% in Park. We have experienced the wave of subprime, are experiencing the wave of prime and have a huge wave of commercial foreclosures to enjoy in 2010.

I find this exciting. I am looking at another Park to L/O at a true 19 CAP and I won’t put any money in to master Lease. ThePark is in Orlando and I love that demographic. I must be mad. … I want to buy in this market. We are seeing 2001 doubles on 5 acres selling for 34K Cash WOW! 2 years ago tnis home sold for 177K, The problem is cash to do deals right now.

We will see the greatest redistribution of wealth in a few years. The ones that can hold on and status quo or grow will grow wealthy. folks that are highly leveraged will return assets and hopefully begin again on a cash and carry basis. Afordable housing will always be in demand.

I will bet everything I own on this fact in the coming year…anyone eles besides me and Lin looking to buy???

A prosperous New Year to ALL,


Greg, it is good to read your post. 2009 was a productive year for me, thanks in large part to strategies, and methods that I have learned by reading this and other forums, reading books recommended by posters and networking at MOM type events. You have laid out some real food for thought.

Exciting is as good a word to describe the events of the day as I had been thinking along the lines of


Henery David Thoreau is the man that said = The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. He had a lot more to say also.

In regards to these economic times we are in I personally have never been this excited about wealth building. We can cry and worry or we can put the knowledge we have gained about investing into action. I choose ACTION


Not sure if you have read my post on starting a new park. I’m ramping up to do this with tremendous help from this forum. I think your line about affordable housing is right and that is the main driver of my decision. I have a long road ahead to start this new park and fill it, but things seem to be falling into place and maybe that means it’s going to work out.

Only time will tell, but I do think people will be looking for a good, clean, cheap place to live in the coming years.


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