Help getting park on track

I purchased a mobile home park, I was green so I made some bad decisions on due dilligence before the purchase. Now I have some sewage problems and I need to replace about half of the homes. The sewage system is about 14yrs old, what is the best solution for back ups. I was told it’s because of the seasonal weather. What are my options here, what are the best systems, it will be for a 22 space/home park. Also does any one have a contact for good used or wholesale new mobile homes in florida, North florida around Tallahassee.


Thanks, to everyone for not responding, sometimes it’s better to figure

things out yourself. I stumbled upon a great resource through internet research, and work of mouth. GOD IS GOOD, GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU. SOMETIMES YOU JUST HAVE TO TRUST IN HIM. WHAT GOOD IS IT FOR A MAN TO PROFIT AND LOOSE HIS SOUL, DO TO YOUR FELLOW MAN AS YOU WOULD HAVE HIM DO TO YOU.



I’m sorry to hear that you have problems with your park. Before we can help you out, we need more information. What type of sewage system does the park currently have?

Why do you need to replace the homes?

There are many very seasoned and experience park opertors who visit this forum and I’m sure they would love to give you some advice.

Unfortunately, many people have made some serious mistakes during the due diligence. Don’t let this one get you down.

At our mobile home bootcamp, Corey is gracious enough to let me show the students all of the mistakes he made on his first park (around $300K) during due diligence. It just goes to show that even a seasoned real estate investor can get in trouble if he doesn’t know what to look for. Corey is one of the brightest investors I’ve met and has made more money than most of us will make in lifetime.

This is one of the reasons we created this website…to make sure other investors don’t make the mistakes that some of us have made in the past.