I just wanted to take the time to introduce myself, as well as say hello to each and everyone of you.

My name is Corey Bell and I am the Co/Owner of Note Financial Services.

Here at Note Financial Services We Purchases Residential and Commercial notes secured by Real Estate.

 Note Financial Services is dedicated to providing unique services to those who have sold or thinking about selling,their home or business and are currently, or soon to be receiving payments on the real estate contract.

We started Purchasing Real Estate Portfolios back in 2008, and we became very proficient in doing so.

We are actively seeking to purchase Residential & Commercial Real Estate Estate contracts and or notes to include but note limited to:

Promissory Notes, Trust Deeds, Land Contracts, Agreement For Deeds, Contract For Sales, Business Notes, Structured Settlements, & Mortgage Notes

This Includes Residential, SFR