Hello Fellow MHP Investors: Off market Kentucky Park for sale-66 spaces (250k Down payment, Seller Finance 850k at 6.5% for 3 yrs)

Project Overview : ( reach out for park location if interested)

66 total spaces-price is 1.1m + 50k fee to consultant (not me ),25k fee to me from buyer at closing

53 parked owned homes(18 occupied, 35 vacant) 9 tenant owned homes, 4 vacant lots -2 abandoned homes

Income and expenses: (do have more detailed breakdown of income and expense numbers and projected plan to get lots filled, etc.-just text or email me)

current: Gross income $136,620

Estimated numbers after plan completion:

estimated capital needed to complete project $525k* ($575K w overages)

Projected gross: 393,660
Projected expenses: 140,400
Projected NOI:253,260
Projected net cashflow 194,760

Cap rate 15.5%

Cash on cash 25.1%

any questions feel free to ask: if i dont know, I will ask the seller.

1 more will come on each day (10 more hes selling) THESE PARKS NEED A LOT OF FILLING OF LOTS, MAYBE RISKIER FOR SOME INVESTORS.



Dan Greenberger
DLG Properties


Interested. Please send details.

my apologies. some reason i couldnt edit title on here. The 66 lot kentucky park SOLD.



Dan G.
DLG Properties

my apologies this deal is still available. I think i mixed it up because he sent me 12 parks. for some reason i cant edit at the top of my post anymore.NOT SOLD. STILL AVAILABLE HARDIN KY PARK.

sorry about that.