Hedging Anyone?

Is anyone hedging his bets to offset potential losses, such as his outstanding obligations, mortgages? If so, what strategies do you use now? Purchasing precious metals or oil, or short-selling government bonds while expecting the former to appreciate and the latter to deflate as interest rates increase? Diluting the risk through trustworthy partnerships? Hoping for the best is common, but usually a little hedging makes for a better night

I have bought silver, am paying down debt, starting a private practice, considering buying Swiss francs and looking into natural gas providers, equipment manufacturers, and industry services.


The Swiss National Bank has cooked the Swiss Franc good and dead when they tied it to the Euro (1.2x). If you would not want Euros then you shouldn’t buy Swiss Francs either… You need to be thinking Singapore Dollars as Singapore is now the new economic Switzerland.


Thanks John,

I’ll leave the currency exchange money-,making to George Soros. I’ve found a foreign energy investment that is likely to far surpass the devaluing of the USD.